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Education Center

The Education Center provides detailed articles and instructions to improve fisting skills for both beginners and advanced players. The full curriculum covers both artistic/cultural topics and scientific considerations related to fisting.

Supplemental information related to these topics are located inside the Fist Theory Blogs. If you are looking for information on the author (Finn Vortex), click here!


Education Center courses are classified by one of two symbols to indicate the style of content:

Artistic Course Indicates the article has an artistic component, or can only be subjectively measured.
Science Course Indicates the article focuses on content that can be observed or measured objectively.

Courses may have specialized content such as video demos, step-by-step procedures, DIY instruction, or commentary from seasoned fisters.

Additionally, each course has supplemental information which includes lesson objectives and teaching presentations in the event you are providing group seminars.

New articles and updates occur frequently, so bookmark this page and come back often.

Key | Specialized Course Content
Topical Documents and Guest Articles
Multi-Media Content or Video Demonstrations
Step-by-Step Procedures
Do-It-Yourself Instruction Kits


You can filter your coursework based on skillsets or specific area of focus:

Beginers - Getting Started

Advanced - Depth, Width, Speed, and Duration

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To help navigate these changes during the long conversion process, you will note the following:

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